"Drop everything! To see what theater is when it soars… The Einstein Project will engage your mind and touch your heart."   - Theatre Notes

"A compelling play of ideas done in a superbly theatrical style...This is provocative stuff... dealing with large concepts in an entertaining and theatrical way, it deserves mighty praise in an era of tiny-minded plays.” - Minneapolis Star Tribune

The Einstein Project

Nominated for the Charles MacArthur Award for Best New Play - Helen Hayes Awards

Nathan the Wise

Is the current energy crisis really petroleum-based, or is it spiritual?

Trouble with Europe

Voted Best Play/West by the American Theater Critics Association

“A new model of understanding among diverse groups.”  - WETA TV Picks

“Brings warmth and humor to a tale of Muslim, Jew, and Christian in Crusade-ravaged 12th-century Jerusalem.”  - Washington Post Weekend’s Best

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